18" x 32" exotic butterfly display - 1832GoldenSkies

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The Yellow Philea butterflies make for a great backdrop for the Blue Morpho butterflies, The 2 fuchsia Agrias butterflies are very rare and with the beautiful Weiski "Purple Heart" butterflies make this my favorite display. 

This display was featured in the Oct/Nov 2004 Premier Edition of Silicon Magazine. When you purchase this display I will send you a signed copy of the 2004 Silicon Valley Magazine. I was very honored to be the featured artist for their Premier Issue. I was invited to the unavailing for this wonderful event. I remember the evening fondly. Click twice on any magazine page to enlarge it and you can read the article if you so desire. 

An incredible singer, Steven Lee Davis, purchased my two panel "Butterfly Heart Design". If you want the Butterfly Heart 2 panels just contact me. (415) 264-6257.

He set me his CD and I loved it. I highly recommend it.  "Remember Romance" by Davis, Steven 1999 - You can still find a few CDs On Amazon

My favorite song was "I have dreamed" from the King and I. His rendition is outstanding!