Clients and Custom Designs

Tiffany & Company - San Francisco Union Square

I was commissioned by Tiffany and Company in San Francisco to create something very special, exclusively for their four outdoor window displays facing Union Square. They wanted a design that would gracefully flow from one window to the next. All of my work was done on their premises that made it a challenge but a wonderful experience. They also used many of my acrylic displays inside the store to compliment their jewelry. The combination of the lighting, exotic butterflies and Tiffany's one of a kind jewelry, made for a breathtaking window display.
Barry and Polly   Santa Clara, California
Butterfly Wave - 24" tall x 5ft. wide
Butterfly Wave - Real Exotic Butterfly Display. 24" tall x 5ft. wide
 Barry and Polly  Santa Clara, California
15" x 24" Blue Morpho Display
Butterfly Gallery - Morpho Blue display 15" x 24"
Dave and Robin 
They chose my "Butterfly Wave" vertical
Sue and Phillip McMahan - Mesquite Nevada
"Butterfly Wave" horizontal   2' tall x 5' wide


Joe - Belmont, California

Two  24" Hexagon Designs

I took several of my designs to Joe's new Condo in Belmont. Once I showed him my Hexagon designs it was love at first sight. They also fit perfect. Thanks, Joe.


                                 Henry Villanueva - Kalibo, Philippines

 Henry took these 7" x 7" Kaleidoscope designs to hang in their the beautiful living room in the Philippines. Thank you Henry for this picture. Just Incredible!


 Steven Engineering

Steven Engineering Butterfly
I created this display for Steven Engineering in South San Francisco, California This is their Lightening Bolt Logo. The size of this display is 24" x 36". If you want this Lighting Bolt design, cost is $3,600.


                                                    NVIDIA Corporation


The founder of NVIDIA, Chris Malachowsky, asked me to create their LOGO DESIGN with exotic butterflies for Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA as a gift. The gift was definitely a big hit. The size of this display is 24" x 36" x 3" deep.
                               Carolyn & Larry  Las Vegas NV.
Carolyn and Larry flew their awesome Citation CJ4 Jet into Hayward Airport to pick up their 4 displays for their beautiful home. What a treat it was to meet these very nice peolpe. We were allowed to drive right up to their jet to make our delivery. Our visit was short and sweet and it was a wonderful experience that Florence and I will never forget.
Each panel is 24" x 30". This Butterfly Wave Design looks great mounted horizontal or vertical like the Keith's have done.
Mr. & Mrs. Willie Ghilloti  Novato, California
I was commissioned to make this custom design to fit perfectly in their entry wall space. It did fit perfectly and looks stunning.
  James Dolan Chicago, Illinois - 3 custom 18" x 32" displays.



                            NEIMAN MARCUS

 Neiman Marcus Display
Neiman Marcus Display 2 Neiman Marcus Display 3
I had the privilege and good fortune to work with Neiman Marcus in Palo Alto to create a beautiful window display. Color coordinating exotic butterflies with the beautiful clothing collections of Neiman Marcus made for a gorgeous window design.


       Steven Lee Davis  Nashville. TN.

      I received this wonderful note from
Steven Lee Davis. 

Dear Steven,

Stunning, Splendid, Awe-Inspiring, Wondrous, Magnificent, Transfixing, Hypnotic, Transcendent, Exciting, Stimulating, Endlessly Fascinating. Your work resides in a dimension beyond the word, for it is and experience you create. Your art is a reflection-a reminder of the essence, mystery, and beauty in this world. To create it, one must see it and know it on a soul level so that it is pouring forth from the beauty and reverence for it – from within.

Forever grateful, Steven             

                 Butterfly Heart Design

Two 18" x 32" displays


                   Dr. Luu dds.  Milpitas, Ca.

                   Custom Wave Design

                   3 Panels. 18" x 80" 


Kerry Johnson   Livermore, Ca.

Custom 18"x 32" Blue Morpho's


Bryan Freese

Two 15" x 24"  Butterfly Heart


Pamela Dresbach  San Jose, Ca.


Barry Schiffman Los Altos Hills, Ca.

Custom Design two 24" x 36" displays.


Dr. Peter and Sandy Rowe

Lafayette, California

This display is 24" x 36"

Priced at 3,400.


Lucia Elizondo Santa Clara, Ca. 



Donofrio   Los Altos, Ca.
Custom 24" x 36" Blue Morphos 
This display is 24 x 36 Priced at $3,600.
Roxanne Ryan
Blackhawk, California
Susan Widem Los Angeles, Ca.
Custom Design 24" x 30"
Michael Velencia
Dr. Griffin Md.
This was taken in his Millbrae office
Two 12" x 24" displays with Blue Morpho's
Tom Andrewjeski
Wenatchee, Washington
Both displays are 24" x 44"
Tom flew from Washington and rented
an SUV to take his beautiful displays home.
Terry Miller 
Hayward, California
Just a few of the many displays Terry
purchased from me over the years.
Butterfly Health - Los Gatos
Ordered 20 Tiger Swallowtail butterflies
in table top boxes for an event they had.
Jill - Los Altos Hills      "Butterfly Wave" 24" x 5' wide - 2 panels
Jill - Moved to Carmel, Ca.    "Butterfly Wave" 24" x 5' - 2 panels
Displayed Vertical in Carmel.
Henry Wong - Sunnyvale, California
A house warming gift to a very nice man
a good friend and a great tennis player.

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