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These 2 displays side by makes a beautiful "Heart Design".

You can even offset them for a unique look as shown in the second image. Some of my clients have even raised the right display 50 percent higher to fill more wall space. Choose the look you prefer.

The Morpho Catenarius, the Pearl Morpho butterfly, has a beautiful pearlescent look and combined with the single Blue Morpho makes for a stunning display. I accented these displays with a new species I recently obtained, The Purple Tip butterfly. Simply Gorgeous!

Just a note on the Blue Morpho butterfly, The blue changes different shades of blue as you move about the room or if the light changes in the room. Also the angle of the wings on how I spread the butterfly will also determine the shade of blue. It's just the way the light reflects off the wings. 

Pictured below are the same two BLUE MORHOS. The shades are different because of the angle of the wings.