5" Tall Table Displays - Weiski, Morpho Portis and Leilus

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Purchase these 3 exotic butterfly displays and receive a $12.00 discount and free shipping. If you want any other three display combinations, please contact me. Thank you, Steven

1) Weiski, sometimes refereed to as the Purple Heart butterfly is found in Papua New Guinea. Very few butterflies have the color purple on them which makes this a very special butterfly.

2) Morpho Portis, This butterfly is the Silvery Blue Morpho Portis and is very iridescentMorpho Portis is a Neotropical butterfly and found in Brazil, Peru, Columbia and Venezuela.

3) Leilus, It's common name is the Green-Banded Urania. It is an exotic day flying moth found in tropical South America including French Guiana, Columbia, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil.